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Business Coaching Service for Entrepreneurs/CEOs in Hong Kong

What is ECoachSystem?

A Coaching System designed by Dr. Keith To to allow you discovering your own real answers and solutions without leading you to anything which just looks good.

ECoachSystem is like our Ecosystem. We do our best to preserve our Ecosystem to give us better lives. An Ecosystem are self-generative. She creates what is needed for us to survive and proper.

ECoachSystem is self-generative. She helps you to generate your own answers needed. I do not interfere with what you are doing. I just help to uncover more choices for yourself and your business.

We are operating at too little choices. We usually do things in the same way until it hurts. But there is another option. We can all do much better if we can realize more ways to get thing done. This is what coaching can do for you. This is what ECoachSystem can do for you easier.

What Coaching is Not?

Coaching is not training. I will not teach you anything. My role is to assist you to find out your best answers to your questions. Can I teach you anything to run your own business?

Coaching is not
Consulting. You will not get any advise from me. Any way, my advises can be wrong. I only help you to explore more options in excelling your business or even your personal life.

Coaching is not psychotherapy. You are a normal person. Most of my clients are actually not just normal, they are extraordinary in their careers. I do my job by guiding you to see something about your business or yourself, which you might miss.

How can I add Values to You?

I am not going to teach you how to run your business, or I am not going to teach or tell you anything!

I am just your thinking partner. We think together. Coaching is like facilitating thinking. I just make thinking easier and faster for you.

If you like to solve your own problems, develop your own business, and getting your own ideas, I and coaching is for you!

If not, I can recommend you some great consultants who can do the thinking works for you!

Who am I?

I am an approved instructor of the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches, the only professional business coaching organization in the world.

I had been in the business world for more than 16 years. Then I shifted my career into professional coaching 8 years ago.

I had been executives, general manager and director in several well-known companies in Hong Kong. This makes me different from most other coaches. I understand business. I had been doing that for years.

What am I doing right now?

I am currently busy in my researching works. I am now researching how companies can develop their business no matter under what kinds of environment, good or bad.

I also spare some of my time to teach Coaching, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Facilitation in the Hong Kong Productivity Council, the St. James Settlement and the Excel Institute. I can only spend several hours a week in coaching my clients.

How do I coach?

During my coaching hours with you, my focus is on how to enhance your thinking capability in further increasing your own productivity. I have just one aim - fostering an interactive environment to make yourself an even more successful entrepreneur.

I ask questions, lots of questions. These questions are going to draw your own wisdom out of your mind.

I am well-known for asking questions, good questions, thoughts-provoking questions. You will indirectly learn my special system of asking questions during our sessions. You can then do the same with your staff and colleagues.

My clients are mostly CEO or entrepreneurs in Hong Kong. If you are interested in seeing how the ECoachSystem can help you improving your company's Profitability, Effectiveness and Sales Turnover (PET), email me at for a complimentary coaching session.

How do I charge?

I charge in an hourly basis. We usually meet for an hour per session. Many of my clients meet with me twice or four times a month.

You can contact me by phone in between sessions if something comes up that need a discussion with me. I do not charge anything for these extra telephone sessions.

My service is not cheap. I charge HK$3,000 an hour. It might seem high but when you see the results, you will agree with me that you are getting much more than you paid.

If you are not thinking about investing in yourself and your business, my coaching is not suitable for you.

Having a personal coach, who understand business, care about your business and is willing to discuss and share with you is one of the wisest choices you can have.

Being an entrepreneur or CEO, you do not have a lot of people whom you can share and discuss in depth. Every entrepreneur and CEO need a thinking partner!

Professional Coach Training

You can also learn how to coach your colleagues or external clients with my system.

Our Registered Corporate Coach Program can earn you the professional knowledge and designation of the Worldwide Assoication of Business Coaches.

You are going to learn how to uncover hidden opportunities of personal growth from the Registered Personal Coach Program.

The Registered Career Coach Program might give you an exciting career of developing others' and your own career through coaching.

Go here to see more information about my professional coach training programs.


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Thanks for visiting me.

Email me at to see how I can assist you or to arrange a complimentary coaching session. I will not charge you anything for this coaching session.

By the way, I never do any sales presentation of my works. One can say how great he/she is but delivering results is something totally different. My way is to let you try my coaching service free of charge and then decide whether it fits your needs.

If you don't think it is good for you, you owe me nothing. We then can be friends.

It is better than any sales presentation, which might just be a waste of time, yours and mine!

Keith To
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